Sunday, 3 March 2013

Freeman 'Hello' Ep

If i tune into a local radio station or MTV I find myself thinking all time "man, what's gonna happen to hiphop"?

Im not gonna drop any names or songs cause I dont get down like that nor is this an avenue to diss artists, but..... A BIG but...... a lot of the stuff coming out is (A) not hiphop (in fact that is insulting on so many levels) and (B) SHIT! There I said it.

This is where that " man, what's gonna happen to hiphop" thought comes to my mind, and if this is what the kids today think is hiphop then is the true feeling, meaning, culture and essence of hiphop slowly dying? Enter Freeman and the 'Hello' Ep.

Looks like hiphop is in good hands because here comes a kid who is 15 years old and is pushing out his new ep. And I know what your thinking.... whats new? With the digital age there are thousands of kids thinking they are rappers, Right? Wrong! This one is different and the first track made me smile straight away!

From the first track 'survival tactics' I thought "Hallelujah" (picture me using a fan down at worship if that helps) the beat, flow and essence of the track reaked..... no..... Stank of hiphop.... real hiphop..... like golden era hiphop.

This held the Ep in good stead for me as its so refreshing to see a 15 year old from Woodstock/Canton Georgia make some real hiphop and do it well. Keep in mind this did not stop me.from reviewing it as I should....... :-)

The first track is a banger and will have ya head bobbing in no time. But it's not just that, this kid has some sharp, smooth flow and there is some good concepts and a great deal of thought put into his lyrics. The track "Through my eyes" for instance, the thought and word play spun me out as it was one of those tracks/ ways of rhyming that makes u second guess the concept and what you just heard. Kinda Ghost face esk if you understand what I mean.

His concepts are tight and some of the things he is talking about are what someone who is in there 30's might rap about, There is real deep thought and that is truly commendable these days.The beats are good and what hooks me most with this kid is his flow! You can tell that his next releases are only going to get better as there is room for some improvement. In saying that,  he is 15 and name 5 albums that are completely perfect..... You cant!

This is one of those Ep's where in 10 years from now some young kids could be like, "ay yo! Did you cop that new Freeman joint, I got all his albums". "Oh yea, I bet u aint got the "hello" Ep". I think this kid will be around for a while, as his flow and voice are crazy smooth! 

So go ahead young fella, keep ya game tight! And carry the beacon! And people download this now, its well worth a listen!

Stand out tracks....
Survival tactics
Through my eyes

3 out of 5