Sunday, 3 February 2013

Black American Gangster (9th remix) review

Don't get me wrong I love Jay, but this is like nothing I have ever heard from him! And I know what your thinking... well of course not it's a remix.... But just stick with me here :-)

From the very first track "Pray" that 70"s new York feel Hits you right in the face! This is obviously the concept of the original album but laced with 9th wonders trade mark soul filled beats, cuts and samples, it really did transport me to that place and that time.

9th's beats coupled with Jigga"s crazy word play, story telling abilities and his distinctive effortles flow (or drawl if you will) really added a new element to this album for me. Distinctive gospelesk voices singing the hooks along with the complementary 70"s style brass and bass sounds that accompany many of 9th's beats make you feel as though if hip-hop were big in the 70's THIS is what it would sound like!

You can tell a lot of heart and soul went into this album from both parties. Jay's Crazy descriptive verses about his family and where he grew up..... Broooooklyyyn Zoo! And that trademark 9th wonder soul makes this a perfect combination! As 9th wonder recently said "I don't make rap or club beats, I make life beats, soul, music about life". This is clearly evident here as 9th has brought a whole new element, and has made this album seem more meaningful... to me anyway.

I'm not hating on the original, I just think this one is better! :-)

So bump this one in your headphones (loud) and go back to the 70's in Harlem/Brooklyn for about 45 mins, this one is a trip!!!

Stand out tracks...
Black American gangster
No hook

4 out of 5


  1. Next one will be this week, when I get the time :-)

  2. sick review obryan... well worded. shall be making a purchase son. look foward to hearing mor reveiws.