Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Rapsody "The idea of beautiful'

On the subject of female rappers, what comes to mind? Booty shakin and popping? How bout over sexualised content with a lack of "true" lyrical ability? That my friends is an unfortunate stero type that the vast majority of us paint female mc's into. Well.... Get ready to throw that out of the window as this debut album will change these narrow trains of thought that alot of us cant help but having.

There have been some legit female mc's over the years that could hang with their male counterparts, but this girl can and will not only hang but challenge. This is an album that will break down these stereotypes and convert some narrow minds as this girl can spit!

Her flow and timing is impecable, and her content and story telling abilities are second to none. But enough about the rapper what about the album!!!

Its good, I mean really good. From the first track "motivation" you soon realise from here on in your in for a musical journey,  with that melodic piano riff and that dreamy baseline it made me smile straight away. The lyrics on this track are excellent, they really exhibit her story telling abilities and made me sit back in my seat and think..... "holy shit, she really has something to say here" I was hooked.

That dreamy feel is consistant throughout and the content of the lyrics have the same effect, captivating and thought provoking. The beats are soulful, the hooks and choruses, catchy and classy. 9th and the producers of this album have done a great job in complementing Rapsodys flow and delivery as she spits with meaning and soul and these beats go hand in hand with this

Then comes the track "nonfiction" a real banga! You cant help but bang your head and shout hooooooweeeeee! This album shows that this girl has a lyrical.ability, flow and swagger that can tell a.great story one minute and have you banging your head the next.

To sum things up.... one of my favourite albums of 2012, a must listen. Rapsody has really honed her craft in what has astounded me as a debut release! Stay tuned for future work.

Stand out tracks.....

Precious wings
Believe me

4 out of 5

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